One Hour Long Cycle

The One Hour Long Cycle (1HLC) is an International Charity Event that allows people around the world to come together for 60 minutes and lift as a unified spirit to make a real difference for those in need.    We have an opportunity to show what is in our hearts.   We can use our tool, the kettlebell, as a vessel to carry us towards greatness, comradery, and helping to save lives.   You will feel the energy from your brothers and sisters lifting next to you.   Their energy will hold you up during the moments you can’t do it alone.  You will finish.   The One Hour Long Cycle,  If you lift in it once, you will lift in it forever.   What’s in your heart?

The One Hour Long Cycle International Charity Event is back for its 10th year!  Kettlebell lifters from around the world are invited to take part individually, or as a squad, and lift at the same time no matter where they are in the world, for 60 minutes of kettlebell long cycle (clean and jerk)! This year, we invite you to join us as we are lifting with LOVE to support veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound while serving in the military on or after September 11th, 2001. Our 2019 featured charity is the Wounded Warrior Project

Announcement Video - 2019



  • Date: Saturday, October 19th, 2019

  • Time: 11:00am (PST)

  • Where: Your choice - lift on your own or at a satellite location



This year we invite you to join us as we are lifting with LOVE to support our veterans and service members.  This is a time for kettlebell lifters worldwide to join together for one cause. It doesn't matter whether kettlebell club or association you belong to.  This is a fun, physical challenge where you can give your sweat and determination to benefit others.


The lifter may choose between two options.  The first option is Solo Style, where the person lifts the bell/bells by themselves for the entire hour.  The second option is Relay Style, where on a team of 5, the person will lift for 2 minutes and then hand the bell to the next teammate and then jump in the back of the line.  The team will run like a conveyor belt for the hour.  The relay option is quite welcoming to the beginner.   

Note:  Choose an agreed upon kettlebell weight for your team in order to remain safe and comfortable.


It's pretty simple (maybe not easy) but simple.  Clean the bell from between the legs to the chest, jerk it overhead, and repeat!  We ask the group to stick with the long cycle movement to keep continuity during the event.  Lifters may use whatever kettlebell they like, even one from the local department store.  They can also use a kettlebell of any weight, yes, any weight!!  Lifters can choose to use one kettlebell (switching hands whenever they feel like it), or they can use two kettlebells (a bit more challenging).  We will all start at the same time and we will all, hopefully, finish at the same time.  We will do our very best to honor the cause and not set the kettlebell down at any time during the hour, whether on a relay team or not.  There will not be judges so if you want to keep count of your reps then we recommend having a friend hold a pitch counter to keep tally for you.  And if you are shooting for a record or world mark, you should adhere to the best kettlebell sport technique and standards as possible.  Oh, and you gotta' have fun!


We have streamlined the process in 2019 to ensure we are able to properly capture all teams, team members, and individual lifters from around the globe.  When you are ready to create your team, join a current team, or join as an individual lifter, please click HERE . This is your one stop-shop to get the ball rolling and you up and running (or should I say lifting)!


As in year's past, there is no cost to join the 2018 1HLC event - IT'S 100% FREE!   However, we do ask that all participants take a moment and consider supporting this years featured charity - Wounded Warrior Project . See below for more details on how to give.

HOW DO WE DONATE TO Wounded Warrior Project?

Partnering with Wounder Warrior Project has made it a breeze for teams and individuals alike to raise funds for this amazing cause (and that is why we are all lifting, correct?)  

Create a Team / Join a Team: Upon forming your team and / or joining as an individual lifter, you will have the ability to donate individually as well as have others donate on your behalf.  Teams and individuals have fundraising targets set in advance, but these can be changed upon registration based on your own individual or collective team goals.  You will also have the ability to customize your own individual fundraising page with stories, pictures, and videos that are near and dear to your hearts.  Follow the link below and click “Join” to get started today!

Donate to the Cause: If you are not interested in lifting but would like to donate, we’ve got you covered. You may donate to the general cause OR to a team/individual that has signed up previously. Follow the link below and click on the “Donate” button and you’ll be on your way.

Bottom line, we've all had someone in our lives that has been affected and this is a GREAT way to give back to veterans and service members who are in significant need of our love and support.  Won't you help us on our journey towards our collective goal of $50,000?

Please click HERE to get started!.